Urban Musings by Anthony Arnold

Book rating: R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Publisher: Steamy Trails Publishing

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anthony-arnold-urban-musingsBookBios.com (BB.com): What is your book about?

Anthony Arnold (AA): Urban Musings a powerful, historical and influential compilation of poetry packed with expressions of hope. I write about a brighter day through remembrance and provoking change.

BB.com: How did you pick the topic for Urban Musings?

AA: The title is dear to me and it came to me as an epiphany. As I reminisced on my life and how far I have come and even where I have come from, a mural of memories flashing triumph after triumph came to my mind. I pondered how amazing it would be to just take a walk in my old neighborhood with the now lessons, wisdom and experience under my belt.

And then, I pondered, what can I do with all this wisdom? Urban Musings quickly became an outlet from my soul to let another child growing up in the ghetto know that they too can and will make it and also to tell them that I am the proof!

BB.com: How is Urban Musings different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

AA: This book is as raw as street life can get. My book poetically shares tales of the way it really was growing up in the inner city right at the heart of crime, struggle, injustice and everyday gang life.

My book differs because it is not written for me. It is written to give hope of triumph to others.

Anthony Arnold

Anthony Arnold

BB.com: What did you like most about writing this book?

AA: The thing I loved most about writing this book is the great memories of my childhood. It allowed me to remember the good times and reflect on the triumphs of living in what I call the ghetto life.

An excerpt from Urban Musings:

“Urban Muse”

Homeless trying to survive
Nowhere to go
Children trying to live
Streetwalkers and pimps on their corner

Living in the hood
An adventure for all
To live or die
Another day in the jungle

This is Urban Musings!

Copyright© Anthony Arnold. All rights reserved.

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