There Is A Miracle in 21: God Completes by Lorieen D. Henry

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Book title: There Is A Miracle in 21: God Completes

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Lorieen D. Henry (LDH): With a unique candor and glimpses of desperation, God allows Lorieen to use There Is a Miracle in 21: God Completes! as therapy. Welcome to Lorieen’s therapy with God! Journey with her through the mess to the miracle! It is an unorthodox book, where she shares her struggles while simultaneously pouring out her heart, hope, inspiration, and encouragement as the Lord allows. Whether she is sharing feelings of inadequacy, confessing faults, or sharing words of encouragement, she does it with a heart to glorify God. How did you pick the topic for There Is A Miracle in 21: God Completes?

LDH: I needed to change and 21 served as my inspiration/motivation. How is There Is A Miracle in 21: God Completes different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

LDH: My book provides a mirror! At some point in the book, you will see yourself. Everything in the book won’t pertain to you or someone you know. Thus, God will speak to your situation at some point in the book. I share bits of my story, but I also wrote on topics that God dropped in my spirit out of the blue. For example, I have never been abused, but I touch on that in my devotional chapter (5). I have had thoughts of suicide, but I tackle it from an angle of great perspective. Sometimes, we find it taboo to talk about the real issues. I talk about the real issues without the sugar. I was a Mess, and by admitting that I can receive the Miracle that God has in store for me. It’s my therapy, but you will find yourself releasing weight because you can relate.

Lorieen D. Henry

Lorieen D. Henry What did you like most about writing this book?

LDH: It was my free therapy!

An excerpt from There Is A Miracle in 21: God Completes:

Chapter 2
The Bathroom Experience

A little hesitant, entering this chapter? No need to be! Kick back and enjoy. We have all had a bathroom experience of some sort! If you have not experienced it in the spiritual, surely you have experienced this natural occurrence.J I found the bathroom experience to be a hot topic amongst bloggers. I was shocked that people were answering questions and sharing their experience in a public forum.

Seeing blogs about the subject made me feel better about taking you here. Now, many of you may be thinking this is all too private to think about. However, the truth is that we all have bathroom experiences. It’s a normal everyday occurrence! The experience can be both pleasant as well as very unpleasant. When my bathroom experience is unpleasant, ‘It stinks’! Life can be the same way at times. In fact, I once heard someone refer to their bathroom experience as birthing a cinderblock. Imagine that! Pretty rough and heavy experience, don’t you think?

Think about your life. Don’t sometimes you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders weighing you down? Maybe you’re worried, stressed out, overworked, or maybe you’ve extended yourself beyond your limits. Now shift gears and think of when you’re constipated, you feel weighed down with a massive amount of pressure. When your bladder is full, it can make you miserable if you don’t get relief. That’s the same feeling when you’ve overwhelmed yourself with tasks or if your life is too full with stuff. Just miserable! Sometimes you have to eliminate things from your life to maintain balance, get proper rest, and even think. We even struggle with making time for family and friends too. So what do we do? We start dumping stuff, shifting stuff, and removing meaningless activities. Just as the body relieves itself of physical waste, we have to relieve ourselves of the waste in our lives . . . those things that aren’t value added.

We all have our own private and unique bathroom experiences. Some of us stand while others sit. Some of us wash our hands while others don’t. Some of us are neat with our toilet paper while some of us use a wad. Some of us read to pass the time, while others of us allow our minds to drift. Some of us get very comfortable in the bathroom as if we’re staying for a week long visit, while others try to get in and out as quickly as possible.

So let’s look at this: Number 1 – Urinate vs. Number 2 – Bowel movement. You may think ‘Yuck’, but remember, I’m the one in therapy here.

Urinate – eliminate urine; to get rid of liquid waste from a person or animal’s body
Bowel movement – Movement of feces (undigested food, bacteria, mucus, and cells from the lining of the intestines) through the bowel and out the anus; defecation: the action of getting rid of solid waste from your body, or the solid waste itself (National Cancer Institute).

#1 – Urinate
• Pee
• Take a Leak
• Tinkle
#2 – Bowel Movement
• Take a Dump
• Poop
Boo Boo

As for me, I love the bathroom! It’s my place of peace and relief . . . Always! (It’s a camp ground for me.) Whether I am doing the #1, the #2, or just going in there to hide from my husband and daughter, I can always find relief. I can go there and not be interrupted 90 per cent of the time. Sometimes, I just sit in the bathroom and talk to God. Other times, I go in there to read a chapter from a book or read a magazine. I could go in there and stay all day because it’s my place of peace.

In regards to the chart, I found myself thinking of life in terms of liquid waste (urine) and solid waste (bowel movement). Such things as petty hang-ups, lying on taxes, gossiping, and overeating came to mind in terms of urine. I looked at those things as stuff we need to pray about and just stop. When I think bowel movement, I see the harder things like addictions, adultery, hate, or a combination of these and many petty hang-ups. I see this stuff as solid. It has been there for a while, piling up, clumping together and getting harder the longer it sits. In this case, it will take some pushing! You see for these things, we may have to go outside of ourselves and request help!

Ever said, ‘I can’t stand them or they make me sick?’ You have never held a conversation with the person, but you feel this way. For some reason, we sometimes have negative fixations in our mind. We have evil thoughts about people and become jealous of people who we don’t know and haven’t taken the time to get to know. If we think about it, we can be so prejudice. We don’t like certain hairstyles, makeup, styles of dress, tattoos, etc. Why is it that we prejudge a person because they don’t look like us or like what we like? Let’s think about this example:

We may see a young man with a tattoo on his neck, and since that is not our thing, we automatically label him as a thug. Yep, I am talking to myself. But do we ever stop to think that maybe this young man lost his big brother in a war? Out of love, respect, and pride, he tattoos his brother’s name and a scripture on his neck? Now that is not our preference, but the young man makes this gesture out of love. We don’t understand it at first glance, and because of our prejudice, we will never know the story behind it. Or maybe what we perceive to be indecent is a cry for help!

Let’s not allow our prejudices to stop us from loving one another, getting to know each other, and living in harmony. Let’s not sin because we are looking through judgmental lenses and not the lenses of Christ. If we are to reach the lost, we must get to know their story. As I write this, I feel a prayer right now to lay aside pettiness.

Lord, forgive me, for I have sinned. I have judged people before getting to know them. Lord, I want to see your beauty in every being. Just as you created me, you created everyone else. Just because I don’t agree with a trend, I have no reason to frown and label one of your children. I pray that you will create in me a clean heart, one that is able to love all people no matter their choices. Make me a trendsetter by the life I live and allow me to speak life into the lives of others. Shine your light through me in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Pray About It and Move Forward
For others like me who have petty hang-ups (such as the hang-up above) – stuff that we just need to pray about and stop, I say, ‘Let’s just pee!’ Here’s an acronym for you: pee – Pray Elevating Everything! I lift it all to You, Lord. When I say, ‘pee’, I’m thinking ‘Pray, let it flow and let it go. Move forward!’

With the restroom being my place of peace and relief, I must admit that sometimes the experience is difficult . . . it’s hard; I have to push! That’s usually because I haven’t maintained a healthy, well-balanced diet. Also in life I have to push – Pray . . . Until . . . Something . . . Happens. When I neglect my spirit man, my spiritual diet is unhealthy or nonexistent.

In life, not only is prayer involved during our push, but we may need others to touch and agree with us or to intercede for us. We may need counseling, treatment, or both. Number 1 – we need Jesus! Then we need to keep the communication line open with Him through prayer to figure out the right steps to take. Everyone’s experience is different and requires a slightly different remedy.

You see when we have things in our lives that have taken residence for a while, we become constipated. It’s not going to be perfect poop. No, we have to take a dump. Taking a dump requires some pushing, downloading, and time cleaning our systems out. There are times when we go too long without a bowel movement, and this causes all types of problems to manifest.

In the previous chapter, I allowed mess to consume me and shift my eyes from God. I had to push hard. I was constipated! I had so much caked-up crap (mess on top of mess that I was dealing with). The enemy was in my head, filling it up with waste. It took much prayer, intercessors, time, writing this book, taking it to the altar and listening to God during my bathroom experiences to get through my mess. It wasn’t an overnight fix. It was a bathroom experience by which I had to take a dump . . . flush . . . take a dump flush and continue to repeat the process until all the waste was gone. It was that type of bathroom experience.

Our constipation hinders us from moving forward toward our destiny. We are simply weighted down by mess. The mess not only clogs up our backs, but it clogs up our lives. We look for every quick-fix remedy possible to unconstipate our lives. We search high and low, but we never consult Jesus. We find ourselves barreled over from the pain inside. Every now and then, during my bathroom experience (#2), I begin praying (in a low scream) ‘Lord, please get it out right now.’ Some of us need to pray that the Lord would remove the mess out of our lives right now. (Express the urgency!) He is more than able of removing the weight, alleviating the pain and removing the shame.

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