The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest by Ngaire Elder

Publisher: Createspace

Book rating: G (all ages)

Book video: ( What is your book about?

Ngaire Elder (NG): This is the story about a girl called Cecilia who is captured by a witch whilst she is bug hunting in her garden. The witch takes Cecilia to her witchwam in the Brimstone Forest and she is locked in a cage. This is the start of Cecilia Spark’s enchanting adventure. As the story unravels we read about her encounter with the snapdragon plants, her entrapment in a dragon’s net and her meeting with the Troglosauruses How did you pick the topic for The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest?

NG: I wanted to encourage children to love the great outdoors and inspire them to explore their gardens, imagining themselves having the most fantastic adventures whilst doing so.

Therefore, writing about a young adventurer seemed the most logical step. How is The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

NG: Brimstone Forest is an original story, full of delightful chracters and fun adventures. Peter Maddocks’ illustrations bring the story to life!

Ngaire Elder

Ngaire Elder What did you like most about writing this book?

NG: Going on the adventure with Cecilia Spark and Soldier the Mouse.

An excerpt from The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest:

Cecilia was alone, cold and beginning to feel jittery. Whilst she was humming one of her favourite songs to ease her jitters, she heard a thunderous noise from high above.

The forest canopy crackled and creaked and startled birds flew from the trees. Then, branches and leaves fell to the ground and a monstrous sound filled the air.

Cecilia covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut. Although she was frightened to look, she slowly removed her hands from her ears. Silence. She dared a peek. Nothing. She heard a rustle and a bustle below. Something.

Up stretched a ginormous pair of wings and two large nostrils. It was Jinxi the Dragon. He had misjudged his landing and had crashed into the forest. He shook his scales free of dirt and debris and tried to look fierce.

“I’m taking you to Trasgo, the city of the Troglosauruses,” wheezed Jinxi. “When we were out collecting bats’ wings and toads’ warts for our potions, the Troglosauruses captured Trixa. The Troglosauruses will only release her if I give them something valuable. And that appears to be YOU,” said Jinxi, triumphantly.

He blew a fireball at the rope and the net fell to the ground with a mighty thud. He snapped his fingers and a few dragons crawled out from the undergrowth. Cecilia was dragged out of the net and bundled into a cage which was strapped to a worker dragon’s back.

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