Flash Fiction World: Volume 1 by Vic Errington

Publisher: Vic Errington

Book rating as per the authorPG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book contains: domestic violence and descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adult

BookBios.com (BB.com): What is your book about?

Vic Errington (VE): This book contains seventy flash fiction and short stories of up to 1000 words about most facets of human affairs. Most genres are included. There is nothing graphic in terms of sex or violence, although in some of the stories those subjects are explored. Written by authors from around the world these stories are ideal for readers looking for short reads that engross, provoke, and entertain.

BB.com: How did you pick the topic for Flash Fiction World: Volume 1?

VE: Readers today are looking for fiction quick fixes. Life moves at a faster pace than ever before, and with the advent of eBooks and reading devices, readers can easily and conveniently download and read stories on the go. This book is also in paperback and was created in order to showcase incredible new writing talent, and present it to a worldwide audience hungry for good quality short fiction.

BB.com: How is Flash Fiction World: Volume 1 different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

VE: I am aware of no other anthology that presents as many stories of such high quality, spanning virtually all genres, written by writers across the globe, and at such an affordable price. There are over 44,000 words in this book, enough to keep the short fiction fan happy and fulfilled.

Vic Errington

Vic Errington

BB.com: What did you like most about writing this book?

VE: I loved reading and selecting the stories for inclusion in this anthology. I also loved breaking the news of their success to the authors whose work I selected to be presented in this first Flash Fiction World collection.

An excerpt from Flash Fiction World: Volume 1:

[Excerpt from ‘Nice Dog’ by James Stark]

“Nice dog.”

“Yeah,” he said, casting a brief, reluctant glance at me.

“He seems to like the water,” I said. “Just can’t get enough of it, can he?”

“That’s right,” the young man said, looking in my direction through heavily tinted glasses that hid his eyes and maybe his heart.

“Had him long?” I asked.

“Got him in the hospital,” he said, through pursed lips that weren’t quite ready to open to the outside world. He called to the dog and quickened his pace, as if on a time schedule. No farewell, no wave.

[Excerpt from ‘Aubrey’ by Thomas Pitre]

Southern, slow moving, slow talking, and not a remarkable man. He was tall, bald, and his color—a greenish-gray. Driving home from the pet store with two fat rabbits in a little wire cage in the back seat, he looked forward to the upcoming long weekend, and time with his pet, Charlotte.

He took the cage into his modest house, showered, and changed his clothes. He and his wife had a meal of lamb chops, biscuits and gravy, and then he went out into the garage with the caged rabbits.
Charlotte was waiting for him.

[Excerpt from ‘Simon’ by Elizabeth angus]

But down here all was still cold and white. From out of the mist came sounds and no sounds. Traffic far across the water. Cows in the sunlight fields behind her. Swans very close, but out of sight.

Everything sounded dull and sharp and somewhere else, not here. Here was hush and chill and waiting. A buzzard wailed in the blue above.The dog did not sit with her but ceaselessly paced up and down the shore. Sometimes it would come close and look at her – why are we waiting? Why don’t we go? – then pad away again. Compelled to keep moving by some force neither she nor it understood, its uneasy tail down.

Copyright© Vic Errington. All rights reserved.

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