Demons in the Dark, An Alcoholic’s Tale by John T. Newton

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Book rating as per the author: PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13) ( What is your book about?

John T. Newton (JTN): Demons in the Dark relates the authors’ struggle with alcoholism and describes the devastating effects that alcohol can have when it gets out of control. Alcoholism is one hundred per cent fatal if it is not stopped and it doesn’t care who it gets. Demons in the Dark relates the authors experience of hospitals, detox units and rehab. The books goes on to describe how, through a strange encounter in a rehab, the author’s life was changed forever. Sanity and sobriety mysteriously restored. How did you pick the topic for Demons in the Dark, An Alcoholic’s Tale?

JTN: The book was written initially for my own benefit, as part of my continued recovery process. Friends read it and suggested that I try to get it published. How is Demons in the Dark, An Alcoholic’s Tale different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

JTN: Demons in the Dark does not pull any punches. One reviewer stated that ‘the vivid descriptions made me wince’, another states ‘If ever there were a person more pathetic and utterly hopeless it would be John Newton. This “tale of addiction and miraculous recovery” is honestly one of the most amazing true-life stories I have ever read’. The book is vivid in it’s descriptions of the effects of alcohol abuse and in places it is disturbing, but honest. It also gives hope to sufferers of alcoholism that there is a way out. They don’t have to live like this, or die like this.

John T. Newton

John T. Newton What did you like most about writing this book?

JTN: Demons in the Dark was not only cathartic, but was necessary for me as part of mty recovery. I loved writing it. Still today it serves to remind me where I have come from and where I do not want to go back to.

An excerpt from Demons in the Dark, An Alcoholic’s Tale:

A little while after they had left, it began. It was undoubtedly, physically and emotionally, the worst few days of my life. First to come was the vomiting, fast, furious and non-stop. I threw up until there was nothing left, only bile and stomach acid, and that came too. It burnt my throat, my lips, and the inside of my mouth, there was also by now, blood in the vomit. I had to try to drink water to ease the burning and awful taste that this left and would be immediately sick again. And so it went on for over twenty four hours. They gave me injections in my bum to try to stop the vomiting but I’m not sure if they worked or not – I’ve no idea how long it might have carried on without them.

During this vomiting period there are brief periods of merciful semi-consciousness, punctuated by profuse sweating, uncontrollable jerking of muscles, along with loss of control of bodily functions. I was shaking so much it was eventually impossible to get a cup of water to my mouth and the nurses had to get me a straw so that I could just reach over with my head to the bedside cabinet and sip my water through it. I had a lot of pain and pins and needles in my outer extremities and my stomach felt like someone had rubbed the inside of it with coarse sandpaper.

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