Dead Light District by Jill Edmondson

Dead Light District by Jill EdmondsonPublisher: Iguana

Book rating: R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book contains: sexual violence against women/children/men ( What is your book about?

Jill Edmondson (JE): As open minded as she is, private investigator Sasha Jackson feels out of place when her latest case plunges her into the world of commercial sex. A classy madame has hired Sasha to find a missing Mexican hooker, which seems easy enough at first.

Sasha figures out why the hooker ran away but has no idea where she is running to. Besides, how fast can anyone run in stiletto heels? It isn’t until the next body turns up that Sasha realizes why the hooker must choose between fight and flight, and why the choice is so difficult.

Sasha tests her moral compass as she tries to understand the sex trade and what someone will do in a moment of desperation. She is even willing to look the other way, but then Sasha realizes her ass is incredibly hot and the killer is incredibly cold. How did you pick the topic for Dead Light District?

JE: The book practically wrote itself. The inspiration for it came from a research paper I did when I was working on my master’s degree. I took a wonderful course called Equality in Context, and had to do an essay on Human Rights and the Sex Trade. I had tons of research from library sources (journals, databases, etc.), NGO position papers, human rights websites and so on. I found tons of information and couldn’t fit it all into the essay.

Eventually, the leftover research morphed and morphed and morphed again into a mystery novel. The one point that really struck me was that pimps often “brand” (yes, brand, like with cattle) their girls. Yup. The pimps mark or disfigure the girls in some way to indicate whose property they are. ARGH! That bit of info just didn’t work in the essay, but it was too significant to ignore. So, the idea of a person belonging to another was the starting point of what eventually became Dead Light District. How is Dead Light District different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

JE: My main character Private Investigator Sasha Jackson is what makes the book stand out. Readers really respond to her. She’s clumsy, loyal, tenacious, fearless, goofy and pretty sexy. Before becoming a P.I., Sasha was a singer (and occasional drummer) in a rock band in Toronto. (Oh, yeah, that’s another thing: readers really like the Toronto setting and descriptions).

There’s also a good dose of humor in Dead Light District despite the serious story line.

Jill Edmondson

Jill Edmondson What did you like most about writing this book?

JE: I enjoyed writing it because it was fun to do, it didn’t feel like work, and at times I laughed quite a bit. My fingers flew across the keyboard, and I never had a moment of writer’s block. I got lucky!

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