A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness by Michal Stawicki

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michal-stawicki-personal-mission-statementBookBios.com (BB.com): What is your book about?

Michal Stawicki (MS): I used to be very skeptical about personal development. However, when I was looking for ways to transform myself from quietly miserable to boldly happy, I decided to try a personal mission statement. I created one and discovered that it works.

One thing I’ve learned is that a personal mission statement is not a new concept. Before Benjamin Franklin lent his talent to the writing of the United States Constitution, he had written his own personal constitution.

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness is a detailed guide of how to create your own personal mission statement and why you should do so. Later in the book, readers learn how to effectively use their personal mission statements.

I wrote my book because I wanted to make creating and implementing personal mission statements less mysterious to and more transparent for common people who are interested in this personal development tool.

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness is about discovering, defining and pursuing your purpose in life. The book helps you understand how personal mission statements can help you to fulfill your life’s destiny.

BB.com: How did you pick the topic for A Personal Mission Statement?

MS: I shared a few tips about the creation of a personal mission statement with my friends, and they were moved by my personal story and the advice I was sharing with them.

One of my friends suggested I write an eBook of the tips I was sharing with them, and that’s how A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness was born.

BB.com: How is A Personal Mission Statement different from other books that cover the same or similar information?

MS: Other personal development books have a tendency to make personal mission statements seem like a mystical concept. As a practical person, I made my book very down-to-earth and tried to decrypt the process of creating an individual constitution, which is what a personal mission statement is.

Since I had written my own personal mission statement just six months before writing the book, the process was vivid in my memory. I used the exact exercises and questions I’d done and answered myself to guide the creation of my book.

I’d say that including the true story of my personal experience and including specific actionable steps makes my book unique from others on the same or similar subject.

Michal Stawicki

Michal Stawicki

BB.com: What did you like most about writing this book?

MS: I liked everything about it. It was my first published work, and the writing process was an adventure. I loved experimenting with my own voice and the first-person perspective. The positive feedback I got from my readers made me choose to use the first-person perspective in my other books even more boldly.

I liked learning, and I was getting a lot of new ideas while writing, like giving readers a peek into my statement and including concrete examples I found on the Web.

Now that I’ve got six books under my belt, I recently changed one sentence in A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness from “I’m becoming a writer” to “I am a writer.”

An excerpt from A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness:

The measurable results of my personal mission statement

“Before “refers to my life before writing my mission statement in November 2012, “After” is actual as for September 2013.


Before: Game logs on a Civ IV English forum, about 2 per month. Several posts per month on the card game forum

After: I started 2 blogs in two different communities. I’ve written about 140,000 words since the middle of December, including this book.


Before: I didn’t wonder about my speaking manners at all.

After: I am more careful in my speaking manners. I praise more, I swear less. Much less in fact. I catch myself about twice a day when I want to say something not very wise or cruel and keep my mouth shut.


Before: I had a gratitude diary about my wife (started in September 2012). I occasionally had been thanking God for His blessings.

After: I started two additional gratitude diaries. One about my kids where I write at least 3 positive things about each of them every day. In the other one I write about 10 things I am grateful for in every day I live.


Before: I gave to charities about 2% of my income.

After: I gave to charities 3.85% of my income on average.


Before: I saved about 4.5% of my income.

After: I saved 20.8% of my income on average. My savings doubled from October 2012 to May 2013.

Self examination

Before: I thought about my life once, maybe twice per year.

After: Since the beginning of May 2013 I do self analysis on a daily basis. I have about 150 pages of notes from those sessions. Before May I did it irregularly – about once, twice per week.


Before: Each failure was devastating for me, so I tried very hard to do nothing – it’s the only way to not fail at all.

After: The failures are still hurting me a lot, but I try to find a good side in each. I learn from my mistakes. I do what I have to do anyway.

I notice progress in other areas as well, but they are more spiritual and hard to describe in specific, measurable terms.

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